Evolve Fees


Term Fees


3 weeks before the start of any term parents receive an invoice via email for the upcoming term. Our fees are charged according to how many weeks there are in the term. Below is a table to show how much each class is per week.


Class Length       Price        Ages

30 Minutes            $8.50        3 & 4

45 Minutes            $9.50        5 & 6

60 Minutes            $11.50      7+

1.5 Hours             $16.00      13+


Exam’s are not compulsory at Evolve but are highly recommended. Below is a table breaking down our Examination Fees.


Exam Costs                                                 Price


Exam Entry Fee

​This money goes directly to                 Can range from

the Examining Body and covers         $50.00 - $150.00*

the costs involved with an

examination tour.


Coaching Week Fee

This fee varies depending on               Can range from

what level your child is sitting.              $50.00 - $70.00


Mock Exam Day Fee

This fee is to cover the time

and organisation of holding a                     $20.00

mock exam for every exam set.


Exam Day Fee

This fee covers the time and

organisation involved with                           $20.00

Exam days, food to feed the

examiner and extra wages for

music players etc..


End of Year Production Fees

Near the end of term three Evolve will send out invoices for

production fees. This only includes a $60 costume fee that the students will get to keep after the performance and a $30 performance fee to help cover the cost of the venue. Leading up to production can be very busy but definitely the highlight of the year!

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